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Empowering Sunbed Salons with Corporate Utilities

Running a sunbed salon in the bustling UK market presents unique challenges, notably in managing utilities efficiently. In an industry where operational demands are high and competition fierce, every detail contributes to creating an environment that attracts and retains customers.

Corporate Utilities offers a lifeline to salon owners grappling with the complexities of energy consumption, water usage, and overall utility expenditure.

A deeper partnership with Corporate Utilities opens the door to bespoke solutions crafted to meet the unique demands of your sunbed salon. Our team is committed to understanding your business specifics, ensuring we provide advice and strategies that are both effective and sustainable.

We bring a broad array of expertise to the table. This includes negotiating favourable utility rates on your behalf and implementing cutting-edge energy efficiency measures. Such efforts aim to alleviate the burden of utility management, letting you concentrate on providing an exceptional tanning experience to your clients. 

By choosing to engage further with Corporate Utilities, you’re not just selecting a utility service provider; you’re embracing a partnership invested in your salon’s growth and success.

Making the decision to reach out and deepen your conversation with us is significant. However, it’s a step that can redefine your salon’s operations, setting new standards for efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental responsibility. 

This proactive approach towards enhanced utility management is an investment in your salon’s future, promising not just immediate savings but also long-term benefits.

We encourage you not to let this opportunity slip by. Further engagement with Corporate Utilities after our initial contact is a step towards unlocking your sunbed salon’s full potential. It’s about committing to operational excellence, sustainability, and profitability. Together, we can pave the way for a brighter, more successful future for you, and your business.

Get in touch with Corporate Utilities today by calling 0116 504 0708 or email us at and learn how we can tailor a utility management solution that aligns perfectly with your salon’s needs.


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