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How do you figure out a business’s energy bills?

The amount of money your business spends on energy is determined by many things. You should
know about these so that you can make smart choices when your deal ends. The following are some
of the fees that you may see on your energy bills:

Unit Rate

This is how much you pay for gas and energy for your business per kilowatt hour (kwh). The unit rate
times the number of kilowatt-hours you use will make up most of your energy bill.

Standing Charge

A charge that most energy providers put on your bill is called a “standing charge.” The standing
charge covers the cost of having your business or home connected to the power grid, reading your
meters, and doing regular maintenance.


The UK’s VAT rate is 20% right now. Some goods and services, on the other hand, are charged at a
lower rate of 5%, and others don’t charge VAT at all. There will be a lower rate for your business if:

For business energy, you need to use less than 33 kWh per day, or 1,000 kWh per month.
It’s important that you use less than 145 kWh per day, or 4,397 kWh per month for work gas.
Tax on Climate Change (CCL)
Kilowatt hours (kWh) are used to measure how much the Climate Change Levy (CCL) is charged. The
UK government put this in place to encourage people to use less energy and put out fewer
greenhouse gases. If you can get the 5% VAT rate, you won’t have to pay the Climate Change Levy.

Costs for networks

Your energy bill will also show how much it costs to keep the gas and power networks in good shape.
These fees may include the following and can change, making your price higher:

TNUoS stands for Transmission Network Use of System.
Balancing Services Use of System (BSUoS)
Distribution Use of System (DUoS)
These may be shown separately on your energy bill by your energy provider.

Costs of meters

These costs have to do with keeping your energy meters in good shape, no matter if you have a
standard or smart meter. This is usually added to your energy bill by your energy provider instead of
being a one-time cost. Read our guide on smart meters to learn more.


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