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How To Take A Meter Reading

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To ensure that you are paying the correct amount for the energy you have used, whether at home or
in your place of business, it is crucial that you provide your energy company with a reading from
your meter. You must be able to read your energy meters in order to take a reading. Understanding
the various formats that these devices can come in is crucial. The steps for taking a meter reading on
an electric or gas meter, as well as how to give the reading to your energy provider, are listed below.

Readings from electricity meters

Depending on the kind of meter you have, there are different ways to read an electric meter.
Numerous variations exist, such as digital, electronic, smart, and dial meters.

The most popular type is a digital meter, which resembles something like this:

bill on energy meter

The meter may have additional buttons and dials, but the most important feature is that you can
easily see the numbers so that you can take a reading. You should take a note of the numbers on the
electricity meter from left to right, ignoring any that are highlighted in red or have a red background,
in order to obtain a reading. The meter may occasionally have two rows of numbers. This is the
situation if your electricity tariff charges you a variable amount based on when you use it. For
example, at night you might pay less. It is advisable that you record both figures.

If you have an electronic meter, you’ll see something like this above, but the numbers will be shown
on a small screen rather than an analogue display. You should write down the black numbers and
ignore the red ones since they will appear nearly identical. It might be necessary to press a button in
order to take the reading if you are unable to see the numbers and the screen is blank. On a
contemporary digital meter, pressing any button ought to illuminate the screen so you can see the
numbers clearly.

Although they are less common, your meter might be in the format of a dial meter. You’ll see four or
five dials that show you different information, and each one will show you a number. To obtain your
reading, you should write down the number on each dial, working your way from left to right.

The dials don’t all read the same, as you will notice. Make sure you use the needle to take an
accurate reading because the numbers on the first dial go anticlockwise, and on the second,
clockwise. Always choose the lower number if the needle is halfway between two figures. Assume
that the needle reads nine if it is in the range of nine to zero. After that, you’ll have to subtract one
from the dial’s left reading. For example, you will need to change that reading from three, if you
recorded it, to two. This only needs to be done when the needle is between nine and zero. It is not
necessary to do this every time.

You can ignore the dial on the far right, even though it might be presented differently or have a
slightly different colour.

You don’t need to worry about reading your smart meter readings because your energy provider
takes them automatically.

Methods for reading a gas meter.

You can use the same method as before to take a reading from your gas meter. Take note of all the
numbers, including any zeros, from left to right using an electronic or digital meter. Red numbers or
any numbers that come after a decimal point or space are not required.

The same technique can be used to read the dials on your meter if it has any. Count each dial
number as you proceed from left to right. Choose the lower number whenever the needle is in
between two. Use the number nine and deduct one from the previous dial’s number when the
needle is between nine and zero.

How can a meter reading be submitted?

There are several methods available for submitting a reading from the meter. The majority of energy
suppliers will accept meter readings by phone, email, or text. You can also submit a reading from

your meter using their app on your smartphone or your online account. They might occasionally
send someone out to read the meter for you, but this is happening less frequently.

When it’s time to submit a meter reading, you’ll likely receive a reminder by mail, email or text. You
can reply to this correspondence with your readings that were taken using the methods above.


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