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What Information Do I Need To Know Before I Switch Providers?

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Decided it’s time to switch? Here are some tips:

Having the right information to hand when you come to switch business energy providers is essential to receiving an accurate quote. There are some other things you should be considering too. For a seamless switching process, even if you’re just reviewing the latest energy rates, consider these steps:

1. Terminate your contract 

Business energy price comparison online has never been easier. Once you’ve found the right tariff, you’ll need to terminate your contract. Remember that gas and electricity must be switched separately – a top tip is to deal with your commercial energy comparison all at once. Locking your contracts in for the same amount of time will save you time in the future.

If you do not terminate your contract, many commercial energy providers will place you on expensive out-of-contract rates. Providers are not always the best at sending renewal notices through (unless you’re classed as a micro-business). 

2. Locate meter registration numbers 

When you compare business energy quotes, having your Meter Point Reference Number and Meter Point Administration Number (MPRN & MPAN) to hand will ensure you’re getting accurate rates based on actual usage. 

These numbers should be displayed on a recent energy bill. If you don’t have these to hand, our intelligent comparison engine can often find this out for you. 

3. Your company information 

You’ll need some basic company information so our business energy experts can find you a great deal. Switching can be completed completely online at a time that suits you, or our team are just a phone call away should you need any assistance. 

We’ll typically need the following information:

  • Business address and postcode 
  • When you would like your new energy deal to start 
  • Energy meter numbers 
  • How much energy do you consume annually 
  • Most of the information you need will be on your recent bill. 

4. Switch with confidence 

There’s no obligation to switch business energy providers with us. We want you to find the right deal for you. If you decide to switch with us, you can sit back and relax whilst we handle the process for you. 

5. Rates change every day

The energy market can be highly volatile and multiple factors can impact the price you pay for your energy usage. Here are some reasons you could be paying more or less for your commercial energy contract:

The size of your business – larger consumption businesses pay more annually for their energy usage but will get discounted unit rates. Businesses with lower consumption will pay higher unit rates. 

Your energy tariff – there’s a wide range of tariffs that have different price models – for example, Economy 7/ 10 (cheaper rates at night), no standing charge tariffs and green energy tariffs will all pay different rates. Each one has its benefits depending on how your company uses gas and electricity. 

Energy suppliers – whilst generally guided by wholesale market prices, different suppliers will have different pricing models making some more expensive than others. 

Wholesale market prices – the wholesale market is always changing, and suppliers will use this as a guideline for their pricing models. Significant world events, weather and other factors can impact the wholesale market, and the prices will be adjusted accordingly.


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